Monday, January 31, 2011

Finding the Perfect Champagne for Valentines day

Those who know me well know that I have a few favorite drinks; Fine Scotch (18 year old + Macallan, Balvenie or Glenlivet) various martinis and champagne. Champagne use to be reserved by me for special occasions; birthdays, holidays, etc till I stumbled upon a fanatic buy that  I must share with you.

I am blessed that I live within miles of a liquor superstore, Total Wines and More ( not only do they have an incredible selection, but their staff is extremely knowledgeable. My typical champagne is a classic that most have tried, a Dom Pérignon Vintage 1998, pleasant notes and just exceptional on the palate, but for weekly drinking?? Too expensive for my budget to be consumed on a regular basis. 

While searching for a new champagne that I could afford to drink upon a regular basis, one of the consultants made the recommendation of a 2000 G.H. Martel & Co. Champagne Victoire based upon my descriptions of what my palate looks for in champagne; and I am so glad he did! As a result I have tried several of the G.H Martel Champagnes and have found many of them to be an exceptional buy that I would be happy to recommend to friends or family and that also makes a wonderful gift.

G H Martel Cuvée Victoire is also an exceptionally balanced champagne for those looking for a BSA (Brut Sans Année, meaning "non-vintage brut").  Both can be found for around $40.00 a bottle, which for me is not only affordable, but makes this one of the best buys you may ever find for champagne. Forget about those "American" champagnes...not real champagne or some other sparkling wine; this is real champagne which has a complex nose, beautiful fruity aromas, with overtones of toasted vanilla and citrus that explode on your tongue.

Go buy a bottle and thank me afterwards 



  1. I'm on my way to the store:) Love Champagne, Persecco.. and all things sparkling :)Than you for the info

  2. Lovely!

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